Prayers and Chants

The following are various prayers and chants found within Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism.

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Invocation Before Sleep 
Scott Cunningham 

Lady of the Moon, 
Lord of the Sun, 
Protect me and mine, 
Now day is done. 

Love Chant 
Evylyn Rose 

I pray to thee, 
O Goddess Aphrodite, 
Make my love for ____ 
Strong and true. 

Fire Faerie 

Fire, earth, water, and air 
Lead me down a path of love 
Spirit show me how to fly 
Lead me down a path of trust. 

Invocation to the Goddess and God 
Valerie (as found in The Spiral Dance) 

Kouros seedsower, Kore underground 
Leaflight, bloodroot, grain reborn 
Turning the Wheel we keep you in mind, 
Lovelight, spermshine, flower & thorn. 

Spinning the Web we call you forth, 
Turning the Wheel with ageless love. 

Earth Her body, Air Her breath, 
Fire Her spirit, Water Her flow, 
Transformed in the halls of Death, 
Life on life we come and go. 

Spinning the Web we call you forth, 
Turning the Wheel with ageless love. 

Kouros Horned One, Kore above, 
Stralight, heart's joy, ancient mirth 
Spinning the Web we call you forth, 
Turning the Wheel with ageless love. 

Fire Faerie 

Fire blaze into the night 
Glory rise in your smoke 
Following the windy gales 
Forced to leap skyward 
Air blow in mighty gusts 
Weaving paths within... 
The trees of the forest 
And the lowest valleys 
Earth shift your weight 
Move with great strength 
From you living things will sprout 
And grow forth in the rain 
Water spill out of the ocean 
Lap gently on the shore 
Crush life with tidal waves 
Create life with rain 
Elements protect me 
Nurture me as well 
Teach me how to live 
And guide me to love 

Evylyn Rose

Come join in a rite with me
In honor of the passing of our Lord.
Of the Goddess, He was born,
And from Her love, He grew.
As Their powers waxed, They joined.
Together They created all the life we have.
But now our Lady weeps
As Her lover begins to sleep.
Come join in a rite with me
In honor of the passing of our Lord.
Shed a tear to show your love,
But do not worry, stay filled with joy.
For even though he has passed away this night,
He will join us in our Yule rite.
Come join in a rite with me
In honor of the passing of our Lord. 

Book of Shadows Blessing 

Elements protect this book
From wondering eyes and prying look,
And fill it with Thine ancient power
In this right and ready hour. 

A Short Protective Chant 
Scott Cunningham

Visualize a triple circle of white light around your body while chanting:

I am protected by your might 
O gracious Goddess, 
Day and night. 


Thrice around the circle's bound. 
Evil sink into the ground. 

Rain Prayer 

Great Goddess hear my plea,
Grant the wish I chant to Thee:
Bring clouds both large and gray,
Send pouring and gentle rains my way.
Spare me from the wrathful sun.
As I will it, so let it be done! 

Protection Chant 
Evylyn Rose

Goddess shinning bright above
Shield me from all harm
May all I encounter be of love
And those that aren't be disarmed.
So mote it be. 

To Build Inner Strength 
Autumn Raindancer

I call the light,
Of golden rays,
To seek protection,
Thus I pray,
Heavenly forces at my side,
Angles, Sages, Spirit Guides,
Or wolves walk with cunning skill,
Come to my aid,
Come at my will,
Black bird soaring light my path,
So I am victim to no one's wrath,
And when my journey knows success,
All those who aid me,
Goddess Bless! 

A Children's Grace 
Oak Wren

Earth who gives to us our food,
Sun who makes it ripe and good,
Dearest earth and dearest sun,
Joy and Love for all you've done. 

A Children's Bedtime Prayer 

Bright light, White light
Take away my fright
Don't let the darkness scare me,
There's nothing here to fear.
Let me sleep the whole night long,
For I am safe in here.
White Light, Bright Light
Protect me through the night.

This should be done cupping hands as if holding a ball of white light. Toss ball in air and imagine it bursting to fill the whole room with protection.

A Beauty Chant 

I summon the Goddess far and wide,
'Of true beauty,' I have cried.
To lend a face prettier than all,
Shall make me brave and stand tall.