Elder Futhark Runes

These are the runes that I use as I first learned them from the Whispering Woods Rune Lore course. These are the simplified meanings, but are useful as a brief introduction. I highly suggest taking a class on rune lore before using runes for divination and practicing rune magick. The information and images are borrowed with permission from Crick and the Whispering Woods coven.

Fehu rune
Fehu (Cattle)- (F) Fay-who
Wealth, Prosperity, creative energy

Uruz rune
Uruz (Aurochs)- (U) Ooo-rooze
Strength, courage, wisdom

Thurisaz (Thorn)- (TH) Thoor-ee-saws
Joy, success, regeneration

Ansuz rune
Ansuz (A God)- (A) Awn-sooze
Wisdom, healing, magickal incantations

Raidho rune
Raidho (Journey)- (R) Rye-though
Journey, decisions, spiral development

Kanaz rune
Kenaz (Torch)- (K) Kane-awz
Knowledge, skill, creative

Gebo rune
Gebo (Gift)- (G) Gay-boe
Union, agreement, sibling harmony

Wunjo rune
Wunjo (Bliss)- (V, W) Woon-yo
Happiness, comfort, well being

Hagalaz rune
Hagalaz (Hail)- (H) Haw-gaw-laws
Free thought, security, protection

Naudhiz rune
Naudhiz (Mead)- (N) Now-these
Self-control, need, restraint

Isa rune
Isa (Ice)- (I) Ee-saw
Ego, spirit, creation

Jera rune
Jera (Harvest)- (J, Y) Yare-awe
Harvest, solar cycle, life cycle

Eihwaz rune
Eihwaz (Yew)- (E, I) Eye-wawz
Psychic communication, cosmic tree, yew

Pertho rune
Pertho (Hearth)- (P) Perth-row
Karma, fate

Alhaz rune
Alhaz (Protection)- (R, Z) Ale-hawz
Protection, defense

Sowilo rune
Sowilo (Sun)- (S) Soe-wee-low
Solar wheel, willed force, energy

Tiwaz rune
Tiwaz (God of War)- (T) Tea-wawz
Success, courage, justice

Berkano rune
Berkano (Birch)- (B) Bear-kawn-oh
Birch tree, growth, secrecy

Ehwaz rune
Ehwaz (Horse)- (E) Ay-wawz
Trust, loyalty, confidence

Mannaz rune
Mannaz (Man)- (M) Mawn-nawz
Communication, cosmic self, organic growth

Laguz rune
Laguz (Water)- (L) Law-gooze
Rite of passage, growth, beginning and end, fertility

Ingwaz rune
Ingwaz (Fertility)- (NG) Eeeng-wawz
Fertility, sex rite, potential power

Dagaz rune
Dagaz (Day)- (D) Thaw-gauze
Polarity, transformation, awareness

Othala rune
Othala (Inheritance)- (O) Oath-awe-law
Sacred enclosures, possessions,clan