Beyond the Basics

This section contains more information about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, and magick that does not readily fit into the other areas. These are often thought-provoking, guiding, and clarifying articles.

Primarily arguing that Air belongs in the East, this article provides thought provoking points and arguments for directional placement of Elements in ritual circles.

A Code of Ethics for Teachers of the Wicca outlines several points important to those who would teach others about Wicca.

Details the beginning of fundamentalism within Wicca, how it has spread, and its place in the Wiccan community.

Briefly discusses how Pagan paths are different from one another while explaining that not all Pagans practice magick.

Article discussing the difficulty in recognizing bigotry in religion, examples of real religious bigotry, and a proposed solution.

Inspired by the suicide of Robin Williams, a discussion of the darker side those touched by the Trickster archetype face.

Examination of the debate regarding whether all Gods are one, separate, or non-existent and what the concept means for interfaith relations.

Article defining the differences between what makes a path religious versus spiritual. Briefly describes why a secular life path is impossible.

Briefly provides examples of how people of faith put too much emphasis on individuals within their faith as opposed to the real stars requiring their attention. Learn how to distinguish between the two.