Rituals and Spells

I'm not a huge fan of posting tons of spells on a whim, but also can't deny I copied down dozens of spells in my early days in an effort to start practicing and unlock how they work. It was only through all those examples I could understand how to craft my own and become a successful spellcaster.

In the hopes you intend to do much the same, I'm providing some sample rituals and spells for various uses below. Use these as guidelines to write your own or to help you get started.

If you have a ritual or spell you would like to see featured here, please send us an email with the subject title "Site Submission."


First Circle Casting Technique

Evylyn Rose

This is the first circle casting I wrote completely on my own. I have only modified it once since writing it. I still use it for formal rituals and feel comfortable with it. There are many, many more techniques for casting the circle.

Cleanse the area. Set up the representations of the elements (candles/stones/natural objects/etc.) in each corresponding direction. Mark the circle (with chord/chalk/stones/candles/et cetera). Organize the altar.

Lift athame to the water dish and visualize negative energies leaving the water and evaporating in the air while saying:

May this water be cleansed so that it may aid me in my workings.

Lift athame to the salt dish and visualize negative energies leaving the salt and evaporating in the air while saying:

May this salt be cleansed so that it may aid me in my workings.

Sit for a moment, concentrating on visualizing any negative energies to leave the area. Starting in the east, take the water around the circle area deosil and say:

May this water, symbolizing the element of Water, bless and protect this area.

Take the lit altar candle around the circle area and say:

May this small flame, symbolizing the element of Fire, bless and protect this area.

Take the salt around the circle area and say:

May this salt, symbolizing the element of Earth, bless and protect this area.

Take the lit incense around the circle area and say:

May this incense, symbolizing the element of Air, bless and protect this area.

Walk around the circle area deosil beginning in the east (with a staff if you use one) and say:

This area is blessed and protected by the sacred elements. Only those called upon may enter here. All calm and gentle spirits are welcomed to watch from out side of the circle. May the elements ward off troublesome spirits.

Using the athame, walk around the circle area deosil, creating the circle/sphere with your energy, and say:

Here is the boundary of this sacred circle. Only love shall enter, and only love shall exit. So mote it be!

Feel the energy of the circle you have created. Know that it is there and sense its protective force.

Ritual for Poetic Inspiration

Gerina Dunwich

Cast the circle. Invoke the Goddess and God. Sit comfortably in the center of the circle with a pen or pencil in hand. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts and clear your heart of any negative feelings. Visualize the circle glowing white and say:

I bless this circle in the divine name of the Goddess And the divine name of the God. May this circle become a sacred space in which Magickal verse is born. Let all negative vibrations and in habitations be Dispelled at once, And may I be deemed worthy to Receive the blessing of abundant poetic inspiration. Thank You, Goddess and God. So mote it be!

Write as much poetry as desired. Thank the Goddess and God Close the circle.

Self-Dedication Ritual

Evylyn Rose

This one I wrote myself using outlines of several dedication rituals. Although many people choose only one Wiccan or Magickal name, some people, including myself, choose up to three or more. The three are public (shared with all), magickal (used only in ritual), and personal (between only the Goddess, God, and the individual).

Cast the circle. Invoke the Goddess and God. Take a few moments to meditate on whatever you heart is feeling at the moment. Kneel before the altar and say:

I, (mundane name) , call upon the Lady and Lord, and the Guardians of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to witness that I, of my own free will, have chosen to walk the path of the Wicca. I dedicate myself to the Goddess and God. I promise not to use the craft to bring harm or go against another's will. I will not use my knowledge to impress others, nor use my powers to scare them. I promise to follow the Wiccan Rede to the best of my ability. I promise to continue to learn all that I can about myself, my craft, and life itself. I promise to strive to accomplish all Thirteen Goals, even if only one at a time.

If you have chosen a Wiccan name (whether it is public, magickal, or personal), now is the time to tell it:

As a token of my promise, I shall now take on the (public/magickal/personal) name (Wiccan name). May the Lady and Lord recognize this as my (public/magickal/personal) name. May the Old Ones watch over me, as always, on my chosen path.

Thank the Goddess and God. Release the circle.

Ritual to Stop Harassment (a ritual of protection for group work)

adapted from Diane Mariechild's book Mother Wit

Preparation: Examine your fears (ex: losing your children and/or not having enough money for survival). Acknowledge your anger and hatred of the people involved and the need to release those emotions. Gather red candles (representing courage) for each participant and yellow candles (representing your fears) for each participant, protective incense, salt, water, and protective oil.

Join hands as a group in the casting of the Circle. Each participant then dresses their red and yellow candles with the oil and blesses them by holding their hands over the candles and saying:

In the name of Isis of a thousand breasts, may our spell be blessed. In the name of Diana Huntress of the Night, may our spell be strong. In the name of Hecate Queen of Heaven and Queen of Hell, may our purpose be accomplished.

Light the altar candles and incense on the altar. Take the yellow candles and write the name(s) of the perpetrator(s) on it 3 times. Each person in the circle then speaks their anger and fear and how they want the situation(s) to change. Next, take the red candles and light them as each person affirms their courage, strength, and the ability to bring forth that which they desire.

Close the ritual and take your candles home. Once home, burn the candles until burned down completely and carefully dispose of the remains.


Honest Love Spell

Evylyn Rose

If you're not sure your love with a special someone is honest and true, this is the spell to try. If he/she doesn't love you, chances are good you'll break up (same result if you don't really love him/her).

(Note: be sure you really want to know, no matter the outcome, before trying this.)

Materials: incense (any kind, preferably w/ some sort of connection to love), 1 white candle, 1 dried flower (any kind, preferably w/ some connection to love), and 1 mirror.

Light the incense. If you wish to cast a circle (highly recommended), do so now. Invoke the Goddess of Love (from whichever pantheon you prefer). Light the candle and place it in front of the mirror. Sit in front of the candle while holding the flower. Start crushing the flower while chanting three times (look into the mirror on the third time):

If he/she loves me,

Help our love stay true.

If he's/she's being false to me,

Let our love fail

Before the week's end.*

Put the candle flame out by dropping flower petals on to the flame (do be very careful! Quickly is best to snuff the flame and avoid catching fire). Thank the Goddess and release the circle (if you cast one).

*I know it says "week's end," but it may take a couple weeks, so don't get mad, if a few weeks afterwards you break up.

To Banish Personal Negativity

Kate West

Need: A bowl of water, a bowl of salt

Consecrate the water. Bless the salt and sprinkle some onto the altar. Add a little salt to the water. Hold the water up to the sky and say:

I ask the Lord and Lady to let this be the receiver of all my negativity, so that I may cleanse myself and become whole once more. Blessed be.

Place the bowl down safely. Dip fingers and thumbs of both hands into the water. Visualize all negative thoughts and feelings moving through your hands down into the water. Visualize all negative thoughts and feelings moving through your body, through your arms, and out from your hands into the water. As you do so, notice that you are becoming lighter from losing the weight that has been on your mind. When you are done, remove your hands, shaking the last drops into the bowl. Hold the bowl up and say:

I ask the Lord and Lady to take this negativity and through Their power and the power of the Elements to keep me safe in their hands. Blessed be.

Afterwards, pour the water on the earth (if not possible, down the drain).

Skin/Acne Healing Spell

from Spirit Online

First, take a bath. Find a comfortable place in the bedroom. Place dominate hand over face. Close your eyes. Imagine the ocean or something relaxing with water in it. Chant three times:

Goddess heal me, so mote it be!

Move fingers over the irritation. Imagine it smooth, flat, and healthy. It should feel as though the problem is almost healthy and healed. Thank the Goddess. The problem should be gone within a few days or more.

A Healing Spell

Evylyn Rose and M.W.

Cast circle. Begin by saying:

Lady and Lord, we ask that You aid us in the healing of ____.

Take the green candle. Place dominant hand on the candle while seeing a white-green light moving from your heart chakra to the your hand then to the candle. While doing so, chant as many times over as necessary:

Healing... Love... Courage... Strength...

Once you've raised the energy, kiss the candle to seal it. Then place it back into the holder.

While, or before, lighting the candle, say:

This candle here is infused with our healing and love. As this candle burns, our energy shall be sent to ____. (light candle) Lady and Lord, we ask that You look over and protect ____ in his/her time of need. Give him/her the strength he/she needs to make it through. So mote it be!

Have a moment of silence. If anything comes to mind, voice it. End ritual as usual, leaving the candle lit.