The Importance of Protection Magick

As Wicca and other modern witchcraft paths and lifestyles attempted to gain acceptance by society, they downplayed the need for psychic and magickal protection so much as to imply it was unnecessary. Generally speaking, Wiccans and other witches have values which lead to ethics against using magick to harm others unless necessary to prevent greater harm to themselves, loved ones, their local communities, or society as a whole.

Unfortunately, not all magickal practitioners share the same values and they may have entirely different views on standards for ethical behaviors. Even though such practitioners with questionable ethics are comparatively few, not all psychic and magickal attacks occur intentionally. Intentional attack or not, protection should be a top priority for all psychic and magickal practitioners as they are more susceptible to the energies thrown their way. Below we look at the different forms of attack that may occur and some basic protection tactics.

Intentional Attacks

These attacks seek to bring emotional harm to a specific target. They bring down your confidence to a point that you feel powerless so that you will not fight back. The reasons for intentional psychic attack are limitless. They can be as simple as a grudge against you for a perceived wrong and jealousy or more complicated such as power trips and a desire for adrenaline rushes.

Some signs of attack include feeling like something gross or "icky" is stuck to you, the sensation of being watched even when no one else is around, feeling "weighed down" by energy, feeling lethargic without a physical explanation, violent and disturbing recurring dreams (without explanation), and suddenly being "unlucky" or clumsy consistently. (Notice how many of these things are that which would compromise your confidence and emotional health.)

Other intentional attacks come from emotional and psychic vampires. Although some self-aware vampires certainly have ethical standards and do not attempt to absorb or drain others' energies without permission, there are those who do not share these ethics. The reasons for draining your energy is less about any sort of desire to cause you, specifically, harm. Instead, it is a desire to collect energy and yours is appealing. In these sorts of attacks, the symptoms will most notably be that of feeling drained, lacking energy, and lethargic. There may not be malice against you, but the actions are no less a violation.

Unintentional Attacks

Although intentional psychic attacks are most certainly possible, the unintentional forms are far more common. You may well be hexed, crossed, or jinxed, but not because someone has it out for you.

For example, it could be as simple as an individual with road rage perceiving you as having cut them off. As a result, all their rage (and subsequently negative energy) is thrown at you. The individual may truly be angry at the perceived misdeed, but they are not intentionally meaning to bombard you with negativity that can ruin your day. (Some may well feel that way, but, when perfectly honest with themselves, know that they do not want that.)

In other cases, you may not be involved at all but simply in close proximity to someone who is having a bad day and putting off negative energy which then gets stuck to you. Over time, this negativity will begin to manifest the same signs as intentional psychic attacks.

Another cause of negativity in your life is your own thinking and behaviors. If you believe yourself unlucky, jinxed, or otherwise, you will attract the energy into your life to make it so. If you believe others want to attack you for whatever reason, you will attract the energy to yourself. Our own negative thinking and, especially, lack of confidence to dispel negativity and promote positive energy in our lives can be our worst enemy. We do not mean to bring these things into our lives, but we do so unintentionally.

The best way to handle this problem is to adjust your thinking and build your confidence. It may be easier said than done, but not impossible in the least.

Basic Protection Tips

There are several actions, behaviors, techniques, and tools you can use to help protect yourself from negative energy and intentional attacks. They may be as elaborate as a full-blown ritual or as simple as putting a gargoyle out as a family guardian. The following are some ideas and suggestions to help you find what will work best for you and your needs.

  • Shower daily. This should go without saying for physical hygiene purposes. Try to take your showers at night (or both morning and night) to wash away negative energy you have accumulated while out and about. You will find going to bed much easier.
  • Create a shield. Imagine yourself surrounded by a sphere of white light (another version is to imagine a "rainbow rain" that pours through the top of your head, to the bottom of your feet, and moves back up to repeat the process) around you. This shield will protect you from harm and deflect negative energy sent your way. Keep in mind however, that you do not want to shield yourself from everything. There are positive experiences out in the world. You are protecting yourself from harm, not building a fortress in which to lock yourself in.
  • Be confident. You can protect yourself. We (even those of us who are seasoned in this area) all get caught off guard from time to time. You can cleanse yourself and stop the negativity from returning. You can get through hard times and you can create the future you desire. In intentional attacks, loss of confidence is often the primary or one of several goals against you. Standing your ground is best.
  • Use stones. Keep protective stones in at least one corner of every room to protect your house. Black tourmaline is a favorite for this purpose as it is both protective and absorbs any negativity in the area. This will make spiritual cleansing much easier.
  • Exercise regularly and eat healthy. As with showering, these should go without saying. A healthy body leads to healthy energy. In the same way you need a healthy body to help fight back when germs and disease try to find their way in, you need a healthy body to use magick effectively when fighting off negative energy and intentions. A healthier you is a more powerful you.
  • Ward your home, vehicle, and other spaces. Doing so will not 100% guarantee nothing bad will happen or that negativity will always be averted, but it is a great protective measure. Think of it as loading up on Vitamin C during cold and flu seasons. You will boost your immune system, but you may still catch a cold. Ways to ward include hanging a protective wreath on doors or broom over the threshold.
  • Other symbols and tools for protection. Gargoyles, horseshoes, and certain symbols all work great in protecting the home. Symbols may include the pentacle, Star of David, ankh, Eye of Horus, triskele, Thor's Hammer, and any variation of a cross. Some witches also make use of the pentacles from the Key of Solomon.
    • Whatever symbol you choose to use, make sure it is something that resonates with you as a protective device. If you are Christian, for example, you may find a simple cross is far more effective than the most elaborate of pentacles. Do not feel that a pentacle must be used because some spell book said that is the symbol to use to protect yourself. Use what makes you feel safe and protected and brings you the confidence you need to fight back against any attacks.

© 2012 by Evylyn Rose