Who We Are

Messages in the Moonlight--affectionately nicknamed MIM--is a website dedicated to providing information on the topics of Wicca, Witchcraft, and modern Paganism.

Messages in the Moonlight is aimed toward providing accurate, quality information about modern Wicca and Witchcraft and related topics for the public, seekers, and newcomers of the faith.

Messages in the Moonlight also seeks to provide--for those who are already familiar with these subject areas--the following:

  • Encouragement for building a stronger sense of faith, open-mindedness, and commitment

  • Remedial learning as needed

  • Incorporating our spiritual and religious values into our everyday lives

Messages in the Moonlight provides up-to-date information on what is currently known about Wicca, Witchcraft, and magickal practices.

As advancements and shifts occur in the Wiccan, Witchcraft, and Neo-Pagan communities--as well as science, history, culture, and other areas that can affect modern Pagan thoughts, traditions, and practice--information in these areas requires fresh perspectives. Messages in the Moonlight provides this information and perspectives in hopes of building a brighter future with positive interfaith relations among those of all faiths, spiritualities, and walks of life.


Evylyn Rose first began sharing information on Wicca as she began her journey on the path. She did so through her first internet blog on Diaryland.

She then created an MSN Community called Wiccans Looking for Wiccans as a means of connecting with the Pagan community while continuing to gather information to share.

In 2003, she started a Geocities website using the name a community member suggested for a Book of Shadows, Messages in the Moonlight.

MIM began as a mirror to Wiccans Looking for Wiccans and featured a message forum, chatroom, and email-based newsletter. The MSN Community was closed and MIM continued to grow with updates and Evy's commitment to learning and living her faith while developing her skills in HTML, website development, advertising, and content writing and marketing.

Messages in the Moonlight has had various additions come and go and changes in hosting and domains.

As Evy grew, became a mother, and had to shift priorities to actually live her life and practice her faith, she found MIM was in danger of becoming yet another horribly neglected, out-of-date Pagan website forgotten in the sea of the ever-growing internet. A serious consolidation was in order to ensure MIM lived on. Only the site remained, until December 2020, when the Messages in the Moonlight Discord server was launched.

Information on this website is continually added and revised to provide accuracy, clarity, and filling the learning needs of the Wiccan and Pagan community.

As Evy possesses a noted distaste for disadvantaging anyone for a lack of money to afford a library of books or the annual fees associated with quality online training or communities, all information provided through MIM is and will always be free of charge and made readily available to the public.