Little Steps at a Time

Post date: June 2, 2020 9:55 PM

Over the past few months, I've been doing some behind the scenes stuff and posting and updating book reviews and realized it's been close to a year since I posted an update. I promise I'm not gone and work on MIM continues!

It's hard to know just what to say about all that we're experiencing in this world today. (The word "unprecedented" has become so overused I may just scream the next time I hear it!)

A pandemic to completely shape entire generations has swept through the modern age, bringing with it all the stresses, fears, aggravations, uncertainties, pains, losses, and grief you'd expect (and those you never considered). Measures taken to prevent further damages from the coronavirus COVID-19 has strained us all including our ways of life, economies, society structures, et cetera.

But as much as it hurts, it brought with it positive messages of unity, support, community, shared experience, relating, environmental improvements. It has shown us there are not only indeed different ways of living, but also turns out they're easier to implement than we ever could have thought.

Of course, all of this is very subjective. Each of our experiences have been very different.

Some of us have had much better experiences through this than others.

Some of us have had far more devastating consequences of the sudden and unexpected changes than the rest of us.

Some of us have been lost who might otherwise be with us still today.

And still others of us are adopting the warrior spirit, bravely fighting in the best way they know how amid the dangers.

And just as some of us here in the United States began to think we could find ways of adapting to some new version of the same old, same old (the word "normal" is what the shorter-sighted among us are clinging to), an explosion has erupted across the country. Where some leaders seem content to largely ignore the dangers of a painfully prevalent pandemic and try to return to "business as usual," here comes those of us who have been saying for decades (and longer in some cases) that the usual norm is utter crap and needs to be changed NOW.

After all, we have months worth of examples of just how quickly and easily change can be implemented and forced upon us, no matter how much we don't want it to. So change. And change for what is right and truly in line with our shared values.

No matter our differences through these experiences, we can't deny that we're all human and experiencing very real human emotions.

My struggles pre-pandemic are only amplified during the pandemic; work, single-parenting, social isolation, mental health... My heartbreak as I look out at this world is only that much stronger watching the injustices, inequalities, and suffering heightened and made all that much worse by the very real need to hunker down and address the pandemic at hand.

I certainly feel overwhelmed by all the ways help is needed right now and trying to figure out what I can do, let alone where to start. It doesn't take a psychic to know you can relate.

Yet, despite it all, I remain hopeful we can overcome. Not only by surviving, but also discovering new ways to thrive. What is lost, what is torn down, what is unearthed and decimated today can and will be replaced, rebuilt, and transformed into something better, stronger, and more worthy of a legacy to the future.

No matter who you are. No matter what your struggle today. I love you. You are not alone. We can find a way. One step at a time. Together.

Light and Love, Evy