How to Support This Site

This site, Messages in the Moonlight, is entirely created, maintained, and run by me, Evylyn Rose. I receive no pay and no compensation for what I do here.

All the years worth of work I have invested and continue to invest I do purely as a way to give back to the world, generally, and the Witchcraft and Pagan communities, specifically. I strive to provide the best quality possible, even during times in my life I'm not able to spend as much time as I'd like doing so.

As such, I sometimes reach out to others for help.

In the past, fans of the site requested a way to send donations to help pay for site and domain hosting. Unfortunately, despite fulfilling this request, no donations were ever received.

While I never expect any sort of monetary support from visitors and fans of MIM, there are plenty of free ways to help out.

Ways to Support Messages in the Moonlight:

  • Submit original material including (but not limited to) chants, prayers, spells, rituals, articles, and pictures by emailing them to Evylyn Rose. (You can also reach out via the #submissions channel in the Discord.)

  • Share this site or specific pages from this site with friends, family, and people you meet interested in the topic of Wicca and Witchcraft.

  • Share links on social media. I run on way too little time and energy for social media which means failing to reach out to the larger internet audience (yes, I absolutely do miss the old internet days). If you use social media at all, feel free to share a link to this site--as appropriate--within the social media platforms you use. (Every page has social media buttons to assist with this for some of the most commonly used social media platforms. Please use them!)

  • Provide feedback and suggestions on what you like, don't like, and would like to see on the site. (You can use the Contact Us or the #website-feedback channel of the Discord.)

  • Point out errors such as typos, broken links, and outdated/incomplete information so that they can be fixed.

  • Avoid stealing from this site. When using information from this site, always be sure to credit Messages in the Moonlight and provide a URL or way to contact me. (See Using Content from This Site for details.)

  • Always ask permission before using entire pieces of work on another website, blog, et cetera. Search engines penalize sites with duplicate material, including the original site. Copying material makes this site and the copied material harder for others to find. Contact Evy for permission and guidance on how to use content from this site to help spread the information. (See Using Content from This Site for details.)

  • Present or nominate for an Award. Recognition can go a long way to helping a website build a positive reputation and generating meaningful visitor traffic (more people who would benefit from the information will find their way here). If you feel Messages in the Moonlight is deserving of a particular award, by all means, please nominate us.

  • Send Evy an encouraging message. This may sound silly at first, but it's rare for webmasters of sites like this to regularly receive messages of encouragement from visitors. A "Keep up the good work" or "Your site has helped me" message motivates me to work harder. (On that note, don't just send me messages like this. Do it randomly for anyone in your life or you come across who you appreciate.)

  • Join in and recommend the MIM community. The MIM Discord server was launched in December 2020. Help create and nurture this new community space by joining in on discussions and recommending to those who would benefit from it!

Every little bit of support helps build and strengthen MIM!