Music Magick

One form of magick that can be particularly useful to Witches is music magick. Music is known, by many Wiccans and non-Wiccans alike, to rouse energy and stimulate emotions.

Anyone can easily test the effect of music on the emotions. Simply listening intently and emotionally to a song. If you know the words and can relate to them, you find your mood reflective of the song long after it's over. If you are relatively in a happy mood, listening, singing along with, and relating to a depressing song about the loss of a loved one or contemplation of suicide can easily shift a happy mood into a sadder one. Likewise, you can also bring yourself out of negative moods by listening to songs with upbeat lyrics and positive messages.

The extent of the effects of such an exercise are dependent on just how much energy and intent you put into connecting with the music. The more energy and intent, the stronger the connection. Witches can help improve and/or focus their magick by incorporating music into their spells and rituals.

Seemingly common among many Wiccans is to play prerecorded music in the background during ritual to help set the mood. However, some Wiccans and Witches prefer to make their own music during a rite. Some Wiccans may set chants and invocations to music, or even convert them to songs.

The preferred genre, sound, and lyrics (if any) of music played for magickal purposes are generally individualistic. One Witch may find he/she can only effectively raise energy to music that is calm and relaxing. Another may prefer nature sounds or classical music. Still others find louder music, even metal, to be best so long as the lyrics and intent of the musicians fits with the intent of their magick.

I have worked with several varieties, finding louder genres and songs with lyrics to be too distracting. Personally I love Gregorian chants in ritual, especially when a focused and centered approach is needed most.

The use of drums is also a favorite for assisting with the timing of raising and releasing energy in group and public circles. A softer beat is good for meditative work, with the beat increasing in speed and volume to help get the energy moving, and either louder beats with sudden stops or slowing back down as signals for release.


adapted from Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham

Understanding the magickal associations of instruments and incorporating them into your rites or spells can prove to be a very powerful form of magick. The following are brief descriptions of musical instruments and their magickal uses.

Percussion Instruments

Instruments such as drums, rattles, and xylophone are sacred to Earth. They can be used to invoke the Goddess. Percussion instruments can be used in spells for fertility, money, finding a job, sending energy to the Earth, etc.

Wind Instruments

Instruments such as the flute and recorder are sacred to Air. They can be used to invoke the God. Wind instruments can be used in spells to increase mental powers or visualization abilities, discover ancient wisdom or knowledge, improve psychic faculties, etc.

String Instruments

Instruments such as the lyre, harp, guitar, and ukulele are sacred to Fire. They can be used to invoke the God. String instruments can be used in spells for sexuality, health and bodily strength, passion and will power, change, evolution, courage, ridding oneself of harmful habits, etc. They are also good to use to purify an area.

Resonant Metal Instruments

Instruments such as cymbals, sistrums, bells, and gongs are sacred to Water. They can be used to invoke the Goddess. Resonant metal instruments can be used in spells for healing, fertility, friendship, psychic powers, spiritual love, beauty, compassion, happiness, etc.

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