Using Common Stones in Magick and Spells

The use of crystals and stones for their energy has become commonplace even among those who do not practice magick. Many crystals are recognized as possessing certain qualities and specialized energies. Books of various sizes and quality attempt to describe these energies and methods of utilizing the stones in magick. However, there is a lack of attention given to the energies inherent within everyday stones you find right outside your door.

All matter is composed of energy and as such all stones possess energy that can be used for magickal purposes. The color and origin of a stone may provide clues to the use of stone. Although it is ultimately your intuition that will lead you to recognizing why a particular stone stands out for you.

Color Energy

When first learning to identify the energy in stones, we are often taught that the color will give away the answers. For example, a green stone may involve matters of money and wealth as green is typically associated with these areas. Likewise, green is also the color of the heart chakra, so a green stone may resonate with loving and healing energies. In some cultures, the color green is associated with scholarly pursuit. Thus a green stone may help with studying, learning, and test-taking.

Obviously, each color may hold a variety of possible energies leaving you without a definitive answer as to what properties a particular stone holds. That said, the colors help to narrow down the possibilities. Once you have a partial idea from the color, you can look at other factors. For example, a stone with some pink hues may suggest love, but a deeper look into other factors may reveal that the stone vibrates loving energy associated with a cozy, peaceful home.

Location Energy

Where you found the stone may help considerably in understanding what energies it possesses. Certain locations imply different characteristics. For example, a stone found on the beach is likely to have qualities associated with the ocean and a stone found in the woods may have qualities associated with woodlands or even the specific plant or tree it was found by.

Sometimes other factors present themselves to alert you to the stone. You may pick up a stone and then have a deer cross your path or a particular bird fly overhead. Perhaps the wind gusts implying the stone has qualities associated with the element Air. Pay close attention to these subtle clues as they will alert you to the stone's significance.

For example, I have a green stone found in a pile of landscaping stones in a motor pool during a moment of downtime. The green suggested a connection with the earth and knowledge. The location of the motor pool was not as significant as the fact that it was found among other stones that were comparatively plain and during a time when a day that was meant to be productive ended up wasted in wait. The location, then, implied the stone served as a reminder that no time is wasted as one can connect with the earth and notice information that stands out from what is obvious if you just take the time to look. Connecting with the energy of the stone helped with grounding and noticing patterns that previously went unnoticed.

Using Your Intuition

Stones, whether recognized crystals or common everyday stones, have a tendency of calling out to us when we need them in our lives. If you find yourself drawn to a stone you found, you may find that the energy inherent within that stone is something of value to you.

To find out what that energy is, start out by handling the stone. What color is it? Where did you find it? Do any thoughts or images come to mind? Were you thinking of a problem or question that you have previously been unable to resolve when you happened upon the stone?

The answers to these and related questions will help you identify what purpose the stone serves for you. Once you know what energy the stone holds and what purpose it may fulfill, you can start integrating into magick as you would any of the other stones often listed in crystal and stone magick.

© 2012 by Evylyn Rose