Pseudoscience Be Gone! New Auras & Chakra Pages

Post date: Mar 3, 2018 10:21:03 PM

I'm still working little by little to tidy up as mentioned before. Today, I did a little rewriting. For years (and years, it feels like), I've been wanting to scrap the Auras and Chakra page.

They were unoriginal and trendy (the aura page was almost nearly nothing but pseudoscience). They also failed to fit into the theme of the website, offering nothing to tie the topics to Wicca and Witchcraft, which drove me nuts.

It was like carrying around knick-knacs for no other reason than I didn't want to let them go because they reminded me of where I first picked them up. Bleh.

So, I finally sat down and rewrote them. The Auras page is now free of pseudoscience mumbo-jumbo with an explanation of what auras are and why they're relevant, though not a Wiccan concept.

And the Chakra page is now original with an explanation of the role of Chakras in magickal practice with brief associations for the major seven Chakras. (I may add more on Chakras in the future. Don't hold your breath, though. It'll get done long after you've turned blue and passed out.)

And if you were a fan of the old Auras page with all its pseudoscience nonsense and are offended by me calling it pseudoscience, you'll get over it. There's nothing inherently wrong with pseudoscience and a belief in it if that's your thing, but it doesn't have a place on this site.

There's a major difference between metaphysics (and the metaphysics found within occult and New Age practices and beliefs) and pseudoscience.

Metaphysics are those sciences that are not yet explained or can't be explained by current science limitations. Pseudoscience is the bogus stuff already completely debunked with no two-ways about it and any stretching to make it sound plausible is just wasted effort better spent learning something else.

Some things within metaphysics may one day be proven to be pseudoscience, but, more often than not, the metaphysics of yesterday are now the scientifically proven of today.

Pseudoscience at best provides only a placebo effect, which has merit in itself, but I prefer not to lead people toward placebo-only areas of practice. That stuff is out all around the internet for absolutely free (or ranging from $19.99 to $9,999.99 just for fun!). You don't need me to find it.

Pointing you in wiser directions,