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Auras aren't exactly a topic of huge importance in Wicca and Witchcraft. Like other areas of metaphysical and New Age subjects, the topic of auras got dragged in as information on Wicca became more readily available, confusing it as a necessary part of the practice.

Over the years, I've always included information on the site for this reason. But, truth be told, I'm not a fan of making a big deal out of the subject.

This isn't to say that the aura doesn't exist or isn't important. Rather, a more scientific approach is needed instead of the "let's all learn how to see and read auras!" trendy thing that goes on (see the last section).

A Witchcraft-centered approach would be less involved in such techniques, and more focused on what the aura is, what its significance is in magick, and healing and protection.

What is an Aura?

The aura is generally described as an energetic extension of the physical body. Although often limited as surrounding only living entities, research in measuring auras finds it even on inanimate objects.

Think of it like this: A piece of a radioactive component is consistently emitting harmful energy that contaminates all that comes in contact or close proximity to it. It can lead to ill health, cancer, even death. But it doesn't stop at just that which it comes in contact with directly: It can affect the very DNA of an organism and pass along the illnesses and negative effects to future generations.

You can't physically see this energy emission no matter how hard you try (the human eye is simply incapable of it), but can be measured in other ways. With the knowledge we have today, we wouldn't argue that the radioactive component emits dangerous energy simply because we can't physically see it.

So it is with auras. Your aura's basically the emission of your energy. It can affect things and people in close proximity just as their auras can affect yours.

Seeing it is of little relevance. The important thing is to remember that auras are there and that they can influence other auras.

What's the significance of auras?

Because we can so easily be affected by energy emissions, it's important to understand them so we can protect ourselves and others.

Using the earlier example of a radioactive component, knowing and understanding the emissions, how they're emitted, and the effects of them lead to learning how to contain it, handle it with minimal risk, and protect anyone or thing that could become contaminated by it.

If you know and understand that the aura is the emission of your energy, then you can focus on your energy, learning to keep it balanced and positive so that what you emit causes no harm to others.

Likewise, you become aware of when the energy of others are influencing you. This could be in seemingly subtle ways, such as changes in mood, thinking, energy levels, health, etc.

For example, a disgruntled co-worker whose aura is emitting the negativity of their internal world can impact your own energy. Maybe they say negative things and you are able to ignore them or tackle them with positive thinking. Maybe you disagree with their critical perspective on your work environment and never come to think and feel as they do.

But over time, you notice your own feelings and perspectives have shifted. Even if you maintain your positive outlook, you may still notice something different.

Why? What is causing that difference?

Your co-worker's aura, in close proximity with yours, is "bleeding" onto your aura and influencing you. The energy of their aura that is now stuck in yours is affecting the energy of your aura which is penetrating you and your internal world.

Just ignoring or otherwise challenging your co-worker's words, actions, and attitude may keep from assimilating the same energy as them, but it doesn't combat the energetic influence.

This is why auras are important. Your aura doesn't just emit your energy, it also affects you.

When you emit positive, loving energy, those around you sense and are influenced by that positive, loving energy. But if you come in contact with spiteful, negative energy and it attaches to your aura, that energy permeates through to you, changing your energy.

If you don't ground and center and balance that energy, it changes and what you emit changes in turn.

I've oversimplified things quite a bit with this example, but I'm hoping you understand the gist of it. In Witchcraft and magickal practices, it's important to have awareness of and balance your energy regularly so that when you're doing work, your intentions are strong and not negatively impacted by energy picked up from others.

Studying auras is worthwhile for this purpose. Seeing it isn't important, but learning to sense it and acknowledge its impact is.

Healing and Protection for Auras

The best way to incorporate auras into a Wiccan and/or Witchcraft practice is by doing much of the same work you usually do. Things like grounding and centering exercises (see Meditation) are top notch for helping out your aura.

Other techniques, which some might refer to as aura magick, involve healing and protection.

For protection, shielding techniques are generally the best bet.

Although shielding can be tricky because, while you want to block out the negative, you may not want to block out the positive. Likewise, if you're wanting to be a positive influence, you don't want to prevent your own aura from emitting positive energy.

Experiment with different shielding techniques and related practices (such as warding) and try to tailor them for the purpose of protecting your aura.

The grounding and centering exercises are usually enough for day-to-day healing and cleansing of the aura. Although, if you are exposed to significant amounts of negativity or hostile situations--especially if regularly so--you may find you need something a bit deeper.

In such a case, stick with healing rituals and spells but with a focus on your aura, your energy, or both as opposed to the physical healing you may be more accustomed to doing.

Avoiding the Fluff

You can spend your time on trendy "learn how to see auras" sources if you want--especially if it's an area you're committed to and passionate about (or if you're one of extremely few whose vision isn't that of the average human). But if you're looking into them just because it sounds cool and super fun and don't mind retina burn (or mistaking mild double-vision for seeing auras), I say don't waste your time.

You can easily spot the trendy pseudoscience aura information out there:

If the exercises they give you come straight out of a psych 101 lesson on perceptual organization, stop and read up on the psychology and neurology studies conclusively proving what your brain is actually doing. The biggest give away of aura nonsense is when the exercises involve you staring at objects or people for any length of time.

That clearish-greyish "double" you will definitely start to see? It's called an afterimage.

Wouldn't stare openly at the sun? You should probably skip out on the other forms of retina burn in Super-Trendy Auras 101. Again, psychology and neurology (or, heck, even biology and anatomy) are your friends when it comes to unmasking pseudoscience in this area.

You could better spend your time and energy (and eyes!) just focusing on learning how to balance your energy and helping to spread more positive light into the world.

This was just a brief explanation of auras and their place in Wicca and Witchcraft. I definitely encourage you to do some independent study and experiment to learn more and find answers for yourself.

Stick with sources that promote understanding what an aura is and its impacts, how to sense auras, and related subjects.

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