Post date: October 17, 2021 10:33 AM

In the wake of the challenges and revelations of 2020, I began 2021 knowing there was a whole new direction my life needed to move into. After much reflection (more than my usual over-thinking and endless introspection), I could no longer deny it was time to answer a lifelong call. As of Spring 2021, I have been actively transitioning into the education industry and switching into a new teaching career.

This transformative process, of course, is incredibly time- and energy-consuming as I'm endlessly in training, spending my days teaching approximately 200+ students, attending graduate school, and all the moving parts that go along with these on top of my other already established responsibilities (think: parenting and running a household). While it's been fantastic being back in my home state of Delaware, the busy-ness of my schedule means MIM is currently in one of its slow periods where updates are on pause.

In the meantime, the Discord server continues to be a safe space for Witchy & Pagan conversation. So even if you can't get hold of me right away, please know there are like-minded people available to chat with there.

As is typical whenever we embark on major life changes, there's inevitably others doing much the same. Related to MIM, the domain host which has also hosted my MIM email address for the past decade recently decided to switch platforms which phases out those of us who had received a free-for-life email promotion all those years back. Because of this, the old MIM email address is going away over the next couple weeks. I am behind the scenes working to get this email back up and running. You can go to the Contact Us page for a temporary email address to use until then.

As I continue this growing-and-changing phase of my life cycle, please know you and MIM are on my mind. May you be blessed with all the love, luck, and joy you need in whatever phase of your life cycle you find yourself today. <3

Light & Love, Evy