Several forms of scrying are used by Witches today. The most popular include water, fire, and crystal gazing, and mirror scrying.

Water Gazing

Water gazing often involves a black bowl filled with water or a silver bowl with water dyed dark blue or black. An alternative used today is a glass bowl filled with water that is then held against a black cloth.

Fire Gazing

Fire Gazing often uses a roaring fire (ex: small bonfire, fireplace, wood stove, etc.) or a candle flame. When fire scrying, do not stare directly into the flame! Doing so will damage your eyes at worst and cause retinal burn at best. Try looking below, above, or off to the side of the flame instead. I generally begin by focusing at the wick and wax just below the flame when using a candle. As my consciousness shifts, my gaze softens and the flame remains in my vision even though I am not focusing my eyesight on any particular object.

Crystal Gazing

Crystal gazing generally involves the use of spherical crystals of various sizes and types. Some claim that the crystal spheres should contain no occlusions and be perfect. However, not only are such crystal spheres rare - particularly in the natural world - but also are not favored as highly by many who regularly perform crystal gazing. Occlusions and abnormalities in a crystal may add character. In the case of mixed crystals in one sphere, the energies may help to heighten the gazer's intuitive awareness. Preferences in the types, sizes, and shapes of crystals used vary widely among practitioners.

Mirror Scrying

Mirror scrying uses different types of mirror depending on tradition. Today, the most popular to use are black mirrors. These can be bought ready-made or constructed in several ways. Black obsidian is commonly used to craft black mirrors and are widely found in most metaphysical stores. However, some traditions maintain that Witches of the past used only silver-back mirrors for magick and scrying and that use of black mirrors is a modern invention.

How to Scry

Gaze into - not at - the object. Blink as needed to avoid straining the eyes. The object may cloud and symbols will appear. When you get to a point that you begin to see symbols, continue gazing until the images stop.

This technique will take time to master. When you first start, avoid spending more than 5-10 minutes gazing to avoid eye-strain. To master the art of scrying takes a considerable amount of patience, concentration, and practice. Do not be frustrated if you are not successful in your first few attempts.

Keep in mind that scrying works differently for everyone. Although the description of the scrying tool clouding over with symbols appearing seems common among practitioners, other results are common. Some find that the tool is merely a method to tap into their innate psychic abilities and will see images in their minds' eye. Others receive emotional impressions or hear words or thoughts. Depending upon your psychic strengths and weaknesses, you may have different experiences with scrying.

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