Crystals Used in Magick

Crystals, or stones, all have their own attributes. They're often used to promote healing, provide protection, absorb unwanted energies, and to promote desired energies. The crystals naturally have these energies within them.

Those who wish to use them for a specific purpose do so by charging them. Charging a stone can be elaborate--in a spell or ritual--or simple, such as by holding the stone while focusing on the attributes desired and for what purpose.

For example, you may hold a piece of black tourmaline in your hand and focus on its ability to absorb negative energy in your home. Once charged, you place it in the most desired area for that effect to take place and the crystal does its work.

Periodically, stones will need to be cleansed. Once cleansed, the stones are ready to be charged and used again. There are various techniques for this and commonly include:

  • Hold under running, cold water

  • Bury in the ground or a bowl of sand

  • Set out in sunlight or moonlight

The following list provides the basic attributes of a variety of crystals, stones, and metals in magick and healing work.

For more information on how to use the stones for these purposes, see Cunningham's Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic, Jackson & Jackson's Simply Crystals, and Hall's The Crystal Bible or visit your local rock or metaphysical store for assistance.

Crystals here are listed alphabetically. If you know what you are looking for, you can search by using Ctrl+F (Windows), Cmd+F (Mac), or the Find setting in your mobile browser.

A - Agate to Azurite

Agate (Banded): Protection, relieve stress, grounding, focus, dispel fears.

Agate (Black): Protection, courage, success.

Agate (Black & White): Physical protection.

Agate (Blue Lace): Spirituality, peace, happiness, grace, inspiration, inner balance, healing, relieve stress, adjustment, expression, throat chakra, spiritual truth.

Agate (Botswana): Creativity, perception, love, remove toxins, stress, depression.

Agate (Brown): Victory, wealth.

Agate (Crazy Lace): Strength, protection, awaken talents.

Agate (Dendritic): Abundance, business, agriculture, peace, plants, centering, stability, perseverance, connection.

Agate (Fire): Attentiveness, passion, diligence, physical vitality, hope, grounding, security, protection, base chakra, dispel fears, overcome addictions, relaxation, meditation.

Agate (Green): Health, fertility, mental flexibility, decision-making, conflict resolution.

Agate (Moss): Cleansing, stimulation, healing, gardener's talisman, riches, healing, longevity, friends, meditation, clear thinking, relieve stress, beauty, abundance, intuition, rationality, expression, trust, hope.

Agate (Pink): Love between parent and child.

Alexandrite: Regeneration, transformation, joy, love, luck.

Alum: Protection.

Aluminum: Mental abilities, travel.

Amazonite: Pacification, soothing, harmony, balance energy, gambling, success, nervous system, self-esteem, confidence, intuition, perspective, dispel negativity, universal love, heart & throat chakras.

Amber: Protect children, altruism, strengthen spells, mental clarity, luck, healing, beauty, love, relieve depression.

Amethyst: Cut through illusion, psychic abilities, sleep and dreams, detoxify, dispel anger, overcome addictions, love, anti-theft, courage, happiness, healing, intuition.

Ametrine: Physical & spiritual connection, astral travel protection, focus, meditation, healing, divination, balance energies, acceptance, creativity, clarity, higher awareness, optimism.

Angelite: Peace, brotherhood, angels, telepathic communication, attunement, perception, protection, truth, compassion, acceptance, healing, tranquility.

Anhydrite: Physical strength, body acceptance, past-life healing.

Apatite: Healing, store information, communication, teaching, creativity, clairvoyance, motivatation.

Apophyllite: Enhance energies, physical & spiritual connection, clarity, intuition, scrying, introspection, balance, truth, tranquility, release anxiety, grounding.

Aquamarine: Tranquility, peace, openness, innocence, imagination, psychic abilities, purification, compassion, empathy.

Aragonite: Grounding, conservation, healing the past, patience, acceptance, prioritizing, concentration, relieve anger, stabilizing, balance.

Atacamite: Opens third-eye, spiritual vision, visualization, clarity, meditation, trust, guidance, heart chakra, thymus gland, immune system.

Aventurine: Creativity, motivation, leadership, mental abilities, eyes, gambling, money, peace, healing, luck, good fortune.

Azeztulite: Expand consciousness, awareness, meditation, vision, inspiration, third-eye and crown chakras, prophecy.

Azurite: Nervous system, blood, cut through illusion, psychic abilities, dreams, divination, healing, life purpose.

B - Beryl to Brass

Beryl: Psychic abilities, healing, love, energy, stop gossip, psychic abilities,

Bloodstone: Courage, wisdom, centering, grounding, overcome anxiety, protection against hexing, stop bleeding, healing, victory, wealth, strength, power, legal matters, business, invisibility, agriculture, dispel confusion.

Boji Stone: Power, protection, healing, balancing energy.

Brass: Healing, money, protection.

C - Calcite to Coral

Calcite (Black): Memories, healing the past, soul retrieval, alleviate depression.

Calcite (Blue): Healing, purification, lungs, voice, nerves, release negativity, throat chakra, communication.

Calcite (Clear): Spirituality, meditation, detox, new beginnings, soul healing.

Calcite (Gold): Meditation, higher mental planes, alertness, grounding, navel & crown chakras.

Calcite (Green): Money, prosperity, woodland spirits, mental healing, releasing, communication, immune system, absorbs negativity.

Calcite (Orange): Protection, increase energy, digestion, cleansing, release fear, reproductive system, gallbladder, intestines.

Calcite (Pink): Calming, centering, grounding, love, angels, self-worth, acceptance, nerves, prevent nightmares.

Calcite (Red): Energy, emotions, willpower, heart and base chakras, alleviate fear, vitality, joints, moving forward.

Calcite (Yellow): Elimination, willpower, meditation, relaxation, spirituality, spiritual guidance, crown & solar plexus chakras.

Carnelian: Perception, precision, physical and sexual energy, protection, peace, healing, courage, banish jealousy, decision making.

Cat's Eye: Grounding, intuition, dispel negativity, protection, confidence, happiness, serenity, luck.

Celestite: Thyroid, relaxation, peace of mind, truth, reliability, compassion, healing, communication.

Cerussite: Grounding, higher wisdom, karma, secrets, past lives, release the past, travel, adjustment, decision-making, growth, communication.

Chalcedony: Peace, prevent nightmares, travel, protection, lactation, luck, balance emotions.

Charoite: Transformation, spiritual insight, unconditional love, acceptance, release fears, motivation, relieve stress, grounding.

Chiastolite: Protection, harmony, problem-solving, transition, dissolve illusions, emotions.

Chlorite: Healing.

Chrysanthemum Stone: Time travel, confidence, harmony, change, centering, self-development, love, stability, trust.

Chrysocolla: Communication, strength, harmony, physical vitality, peace, wisdom, love, happiness, abundance.

Chrysoprase: Grace, compassion, acceptance, fertility, happiness, luck, success, friendship, protection, healing, money, relieve stress, spiritual protection.

Cinnabar: Abundance, persuasion, assertiveness, prosperity, organization, community, dignity, power, communication, acceptance.

Citrine: Dissipate negative energy, attract abundance, mental focus, endurance, self-worth, prevent nightmares, psychic abilities, Archangel Gabriel, inspiration, confidence.

Cobalt: Love, passion, patience, calms emotions.

Copper: Blood flow, metabolism, exhaustion, sexual imbalance, self esteem, energy, healing, luck, love, protection, money.

Coral: Healing, menstruation, agriculture, protection, peace, wisdom, emotional protection.

Coral (Black): Dispels negativity.

Coral (Pink): Compassion, sensitivity.

Coral (White): Healing, release stress, calming.

D - Danburite to Dioptase

Danburite: Higher consciousness, enlightenment, spirituality, serenity, wisdom, inner guidance, change, release the past, spiritual transition, heart, third-eye & crown chakras, lucid dreams, patience, peace.

Diamond: Prosperity, love, clarity, peace, trust, spirituality, sexual dysfunction, protection, courage, reconciliation, healing, strength, infinite.

Dioptase: Heart chakra, living in the present, past-lives, positive attitude, cleansing, detox, emotional healing, spiritual attunement, psychic abilities.

E - Emerald

Emerald: Growth, peace, love, harmony, patience, fidelity, honesty, reduce depression, aid sleep, money, mental & psychic abilities, protection, exorcism, eyes, healing.

F - Fluorite to Fuchsite

Fluorite: Order, balance, healing, clarity of mind, objectivity, meditation, prophetic dreams, mental abilities, rationality, dispel anxiety.

Fluorite (Blue): Creativity, communication, calming, eyes, ears, nose, throat, healing.

Fluorite (Clear): Crown chakra, spirituality, enhances energy.

Fluorite (Green): Grounding, healing, absorbs negativity, intuition, cleansing, stomach, intestines.

Fluorite (Violet): Third-eye, psychic communication, meditation, bones.

Fluorite (Yellow): Creativity, stability, intellect, liver.

Fuchsite: Knowledge, interactions, self-worth, healthy boundaries, love, wellness, resilience.

G - Galena to Gold

Galena: Harmony, balance, grounding, opens the mind.

Galixite: Powerful protection, increase magickal ability.

Garnet: Energy, sexuality, fertility, passion, confidence, healing, protection, strength, the Witches' stone, protect against depression, patience, perseverance.

Gold: Power, healing, protection, wisdom, money, success, sexual dysfunction.

H - Hematite to Howlite

Hematite: Mental activity, balance energies and emotions, healing, growth, calming, high blood pressure, transforms negativity, muscle cramping, nervous disorders and insomnia, grounding, divination, overcome shyness.

Herkimer Diamond: Energy, creativity, attunement, psychic abilities, telepathy.

Howlite: Calming, cure insomnia, spirituality, past-lives, ambition, patience, dispel rage, sleep, knowledge, emotions.

I - Idocrase to Iron

Idocrase: Links to higher self, healing, past-lives, dissolves anger, security, release negativity, creativity.

Iolite: Visions, visualization, intuition, journeys, energy, understanding, release addictions, responsibility.

Iron: Protection, strength, healing, grounding.

J - Jade to Jet

Jade: Wealth, health, longevity, wisdom, justice, courage, balance, fidelity, love, peace, healing, protection, gardening, prosperity, money, luck, friendship.

Jasper (Black): Scrying, prophecy, visions.

Jasper (Blue): Spiritual worlds, throat chakra, balance energies, stability.

Jasper (Brecciated): Grounding, emotional stability, mental clarity.

Jasper (Brown): Centering, grounding, focus.

Jasper (Green): Healing, health, promote sleep, empathy.

Jasper (Mottled): Protection, prevent drowning.

Jasper (Purple): Crown chakra.

Jasper (Red): Anti-poison, healing, protection, return negativity, health, beauty, grace.

Jasper (Yellow): Protection, energy, solar plexus chakra, digestion, stomach.

Jet: Protection, prevent nightmares, luck, divination, health, deflect evil spirits, resilience.

K - Kunzite to Kyanite

Kunzite: Creative expression, communication, truth, loyalty, reliability, serenity, relaxation, peace, grounding, emotions.

Kyanite: Attunement, meditation, tranquility, psychic abilities, intuition, spirit guides, compassion, grounding, integrity, maturation, dream recall, healing, stability, truth, throat chakra, self-expression, communication, dispel illusion, responsibility, balance.

L - Labradorite to Lodestone

Labradorite: Strengthen psychic abilities.

Lapis Lazuli: Psychic opening, clairvoyance, healing, joy, love, fidelity, protection, courage, angels, visualization, intuition, creativity.

Larimar: Love, peace, tranquility, meditation, healthy boundaries, communication, angels, soulmate, past-life relationships, overcome addictions, control, serenity, clarity, balance, playfulness, grounding.

Larvikite: Cancel unwanted spells, remove negativity.

Lead: Divination, protection, defense magick.

Lepidolite: Muscles, heart, blood, stability, sleep, peace, spirituality, luck, protection, prevent nightmares, psychic abilities, love, relieve stress.

Lodestone: Magnetism, focus, decisions, power, healing, attraction, friendship, love, fidelity, will power, protection, business, money, gambling. (Often painted according to specific purpose; ex: green to attract money.)

M - Magnesite to Mother-of-Pearl

Magnesite: Peace, meditation, relaxation, self-love, centering, healing, harmony, emotions, nerves.

Malachite: Balance, transformation, fidelity, loyalty, practicality, responsibility, power, protection, love, peace, business, success, healing, emotions.

Marcasite: mental clarity, concentration, memory, sleep, confidence, willpower, relieve anxiety and stress.

Merlinite: Magick, knowledge, spirituality, past & future lives.

Meteorite: Awareness, protection, astral projection.

Mica: Divination, protection.

Moldavite: Good fortune, fertility, healing, higher self, spiritual growth, journeys, future lives, relieve homesickness, release worries, inspiration, energy.

Moonstone: Balancing, intuition, discernment, protection in travel, good fortune, women, love, divination, sleep, gardening, youth, harmony.

Mother-of-Pearl: Protection, wealth, accept love.

N - Nebula Stone

Nebula Stone: Awareness, spiritual roots, oneness.

O - Obsidian to Opal

Obsidian: Protection, grounding, divination, peace, absorbs negativity (tip: bury after use as this stone tends to hold onto the negativity), scrying, paranormal.

Obsidian (Apache Tears): Protection, luck.

Obsidian (Snowflake): Purity, sensitivity.

Okenite: Higher self, stamina, karma, healing, channeling, truth, self-forgiveness, reprogramming mental patterns.

Olivine: Money, protection, love, luck.

Onyx: Absorbs intense emotion, protection, defensive magick, reduce sexual desires.

Opal: Purity, intensity, brighten aura, astral projection, psychic abilities, beauty, money, luck, power, rationalize emotions, perspective.

P - Pearl to Pyrolusite

Pearl: Love, money, protection, luck, self-respect, self-esteem, stability.

Peridot: Prosperity, growth, wealth, relieve negative emotions, protection, health, sleep.

Petalite: The Angel Stone, cosmic consciousness, protection, meditation, attunement, spirituality, vision quests, throat & crown chakras, energy.

Phenacite: Higher consciousness, angels & Ascended Masters, purification, integration, healing, all chakras, intuition.

Pietersite: Storms, consciousness, spirituality, journeys, vision quests, meditation, third-eye, intuition, dispels illusions, past-life healing, truth, independence.

Prehnite: Unconditional love, healing, visualization, meditation, higher self, Archangel Raphael, intuition, decluttering, trust.

Pyrite: Digestion, circulation, positivity, protection, memory, money, divination, luck, new ideas.

Pyrolusite: Transform energies, energy healing, repels negativity, independence, confidence, optimism, determination, past-life & body work, stabilize relationships.

Q - Quartz

Quartz (Aqua Aura): Release limitations, healing, cleansing, calming, throat chakra, communication, release negativity, channeling, self-expression, , spiritual attunement, protection against psychic attack, peace, meditation.

Quartz (Blue): Peace, tranquility.

Quartz (Clear): Protection, healing, psychic abilities, power, lactation, energy, focus, amplification, meditation, harmony.

Quartz (Green): Prosperity, money, ease, creativity.

Quartz (Rose): Love, compassion, forgiveness, self-confidence, heart chakra, peace, happiness, fidelity, comfort, relieve grief, positive relationships.

Quartz (Rutilated): Astral travel, insight, awareness, energy, magick, release energy blocks, self-esteem.

Quartz (Smoky): Physical strength, stamina, grounding, heal depression, mood elevator, positive thoughts & emotions, telepathy, communication.

Quartz (Tourmalated): Astral projection.

R - Rhodochrosite to Ruby Zoisite

Rhodochrosite: Energy, love, peace, relieve trauma, emotional balance, understanding.

Rhodonite: Immunity, memory, self-esteem, confidence, peace, alleviate confusion, assurance, independence.

Rhyolite: Potential, creativity, change, quests, wisdom, self exploration, meditation, past-life healing, self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect, acceptance, balancing.

Ruby: Confidence, courage, vitality, passion, warm and soothe the soul, success, intensify emotions, wealth, protection, power, joy, prevent nightmares, love, spirituality.

Ruby Zoisite: Crown chakra, soul memory, spiritual learning, soul healing, past-life work, individuality, interconnectedness with humanity.

S - Sapphire to Sunstone

Sapphire: Insight, inspiration, intuition, peace, spirituality, wisdom, cheerfulness, centering, grounding energy, protection, love, meditation, healing, power, money, clarity, good fortune.

Sardonyx: Protection, courage, marriage, peace, luck.

Selenite: Reconciliation, energy, protect against epilepsy, improve skin, fertility, stability of partnerships, encourage communication, cleansing aura, detaching negative energy.

Seraphinite: Meditation, spiritual enlightenment, angels, crown chakra, love, spirituality, peace, fulfillment.

Serpentine: Cleansing, psychic abilities, money, protection, lactation.

Shattuckite: Third eye & throat chakras, harmony, psychic abilities, communication, past-lives, channeling, protection.

Silver: Connect with the Goddess, psychic ability, divination, invocation, love, dreams, peace, protection, travel, money.

Smithsonite: Tranquility, charm, kindness, emotional healing, promotes leadership, psychic abilities, immune system, balance.

Sodalite: Logic, intellect, efficiency, healing, peace, meditation, wisdom, emotional healing, rationality, sleep.

Sphene: Mental abilities, spirituality.

Spinel: Energy, money, emotional protection.

Staurolite: Protection, health, money, elemental powers.

Steel: Protection, prevent nightmares, healing.

Stillbite: Creativity, intuition, grounding, journeys, protection, spiritual traveling, scrying.

Sugulite: Psychic abilities, spirituality, healing, wisdom, tranquility.

Sunstone: Energy, healing, men, protection, sexual energy.

T - Tanzanite to Turquoise

Tanzanite: Clairvoyance, psychic visions, emotional clarity, spirituality, protection, enhance hearing and sight, accept change.

Tektite: Otherworldly communication, spiritual growth, higher knowledge, corrects chakra spin, clairvoyance, fertility, balance energies.

Thulite: Healing, regeneration, overcome resistance, extroversion, curiosity, problem-solving, combines love & logic, expression, passion, sexuality.

Tiger Iron: Vitality, transition, protection, energy, contemplation, creativity, talents, blood.

Tiger's Eye: Protection, grounding, optimism, psychic ability, courage, luck, intuition, money, energy, divination, past-lives, patience, persistence.

Tin: Divination, luck, money.

Topaz (Blue): Focus, tranquility, creative expression.

Topaz (Clear): Awareness, karma, purification, emotions, cosmic awareness, energy healing.

Topaz (Golden): Mental clarity, focus, confidence, mood swings, relieve worries, depression, fear, insomnia, exhaustion, depression.

Topaz (Pink): Hope, health, divinity.

Topaz (Rutilated): Visualization, manifestation, scrying, love & light.

Tourmaline (Black): Protection, absorb negativity, grounding.

Tourmaline (Blue): Relieve stress, peace, sleep.

Tourmaline (Brown): Grounding, clearing, social relations, community, dysfunctional healing, empathy, creativity, intestines, skin.

Tourmaline (Green): Money, success, business, creativity, abundance.

Tourmaline (Pink): Love, friendship, sympathy, feminine energy, female organs.

Tourmaline (Purple): Healing, love, base & heart chakras, devotion, creativity, intuition, reveals illusions, past-life healing, reduce depression.

Tourmaline (Red): Energy, protection, courage, will power.

Tourmaline (Watermelon): Balance masculine & feminine energies, love.

Tourmaline (Yellow): Solar plexus chakra, personal power, spirituality, intellect, business, healing, stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys, gallbladder.

Turquoise: Communication, protection, grounding, courage, money, love, friendship, healing, luck, emotional balance.

U - Ulexite to Unakite

Ulexite: Focus, spirituality, clarity, dreams, visions, resolution, meditation, relaxation, visualization, dispels negativity, imagination, creativity.

Unakite: Emotional balance, spirituality, rebirth, pregnancy, healing, connecting with higher self.

V - Vandadinite to Variscite

Vanadinite: Body acceptance, feet, grounding, energy conservation, meditation, awareness, journeying, intellect.

Variscite: Soothing, calming, stability, past lives.

W - Wulfenite

Wulfenite: Acceptance, motivation, integrate shadow energy, intuition, spirituality, attunement, magick, ritual.

Z - Zeolite to Zoisite

Zeolite: Absorbs toxins, agriculture, gardening, healing, Reiki stone.

Zincite: Physical energy, power, manifestation, energy, abundance, grounding, confidence, release pain, understanding phobias, menopause, attraction, purification.

Zircon: Truth, integrity, intuition, ease depression, detoxify, protection, beauty, love, peace, sexual energy, healing, prevent theft, creativity, originality.

Zoisite: Transmutes negativity, spirituality, independence, motivations, emotions, creativity, recovery.



January - Garnet & Rose Quartz

February - Amethyst & Onyx

March - Aquamarine & Bloodstone

April - Diamond & Clear Quartz

May - Emerald & Chrysoprase

June - Pearl, Moonstone, & Alexandrite

July - Ruby & Carnelian

August - Peridot & Sardonyx

September - Sapphire & Lapis Lazuli

October - Opal & Tourmaline

November - Topaz, Citrine, & Tiger's Eye

December - Turquoise, Tanzanite, & Zircon


Aries: Diamond & Bloodstone. Tiger's Eye (prosperity), Moonstone (temper), Rose Quartz & Garnet (love).

Taurus: Emerald & Sapphire. Amethyst (creativity), Tourmaline (money), Jade (true love).

Gemini: Citrine & Alexandrite. Green Jasper (good fortune), Blue Lace Agate (focus), Pink Tourmaline (true love).

Cancer: Pearl & Moss Agate. Lapis Lazuli (balance), Sapphire & Citrine (protection), Ruby & Kunzite (love & emotions)

Leo: Tiger's Eye & Amber. Herkimer Diamond (energy), Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz (love).

Virgo: Blue Lace Agate & Sardonyx. Clear Quartz (imagination), Citrine (positive thinking), Rose Quartz (love).

Libra: Azurite & Jade. Herkimer Diamond (uplifting), Malachite (grounding), Aventurine (luck & prosperity), Green Tourmaline (love).

Scorpio: Sodalite & Opal. Malachite (balance), Rhodochrosite (love).

Sagittarius: Topaz & Carnelian. Clear Quartz (clarity & energy), Citrine (luck), Ruby (love).

Capricorn: Garnet & Smoky Quartz. Sodalite (creativity), Bloodstone (success), Clear Quartz (dreams), Rose Quartz (love).

Aquarius: Aquamarine, Garnet, & Peridot. Malachite (business), Aventurine (good fortune), Rhodochrosite (love).

Pisces: Moonstone & Amethyst. Aquamarine (energy), Malachite (good fortune), Tourmaline (love).

Compiled by Evylyn Rose using various written sources (chief among them Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham, Jackson & Jackson's Simply Crystals, The Crystal Bible Volumes I and II by Judy Hall) and personal experiences.