Suggested Links

This list of sites contains personal favorites and resources proven helpful for running MIM and other websites and communities over the years.

As I tend to forget to update this page when I discover new favorites, this is by far not an exclusive list. There are tons of other great resources out there!

If you run a website, store, newsletter, podcast, etc. that would be of interest to or particularly helpful for the Wiccan, Witchcraft, and Pagan communities, please reach out to let me know.

Other Pagan, Witchcraft, & Metaphysical Websites

Wicca: For the Rest of Us: Clearing up misconceptions in and providing factual information for the Wiccan community

The Wild Hunt: Pagan-related news and events

Mammy Is Dead: Blog of self-proclaimed "writer, performance artist, model, witch , singer and eater of food in public," Rawiyah (formally, Irene McCalphin); includes several posts and offers classes of interests to Witches and Pagans

My Life Created: Astrology readings & monthly horoscopes by Mecca Woods; includes classes teaching how to apply astrology to your life (and magick!)

Pagan Patheos: Pagan blogs on the Patheos website, geared toward opening global dialogue about religion and spirituality

Rune Soup: Blog mainly about magic, culture, geopolitics, anthropology and the paranormal; several topics of interest to Pagans and Witches

Oh My Gods!: Pagan online comic archive currently hosted on Imgur; can purchase collection at Oh My Gods! website.

Trae Dorn: Wicca & Paganism section of the Nerd & Tie Podcast Network co-creator, Trae Dorn's website

Pagan and Proud of It!: Information about Wicca and Paganism and some really great articles

wyrddin: Plenty of information on Neo-Paganism, mostly articles drawn from other sources

The Witches' Voice: NeoPagan News & Networking Witchvox discontinued at the end of 2019

Pagan, Witchcraft, & Metaphysical Podcasts

Millennial Pagan PodCast: Focuses on the Millennial take on Paganism

BS-Free Witchcraft: Dispelling misinformation while catering to all experience levels

Witch Daily Show: Like a daily morning show for Witches

Tarot for the Wild Soul: "explores the Tarot through an inclusive, soul centered, trauma informed perspective"

Witchcraft Off the Beaten Path: Explores the "unconventional, less mainstream forms of witchcraft" through interviews with the practitioners of those paths

Modern Witch: Discusses "Witchcraft, the Occult, & Mysticism in the 21st Century"

The Fat Feminist Witch: A sassy exploration of Witchcraft

Hex Positive: Bringing practical, commonsense discussion of Witchcraft topics from a secular Witchcraft perspective

The Blackthorn Grove: Amy Blackthorn's podcast discussing topics of relevance to Witchcraft, magick, nature, and community

Mother the Mother: Helping mothers find physical, emotional, & spiritual healing in the maiden-to-mother transition; teaches empowerment through self-nurturing, validation, and trusting your intuition

Seeking Witchcraft : Geared specifically toward those completely new to and beginning Witchcraft paths

Witches, Whisky, & Wit w/Jason Mankey: Knowledgeable and witty discussions with other Witches and Witch-adjacent guests

Pagan, Witchcraft, & Metaphysical Communities

Tea, Tarot, & Me: Community for Tarot readers; includes sections discussing Magick, Witchcraft, & Spirituality that would be of interest to Pagans and Witches

Red Seeds: Artemis Pack and its adult counterpart (think: Pagan girl scouts) - "We are witchy, feminist, trans-inclusive, anti-racist, joyful and wild."

A Pagan Experience: Discussion group for Pagans around the world

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum: An Interfaith Community of Pagans and Their Friends

Ancient Pathways: A forum honoring the Old Ways, established in 1999

Pagan, Witchcraft, & Metaphysical Stores

Coventry Creations: Favorite candle line among the Pagan masses

Wicked Witch Studios: Dorothy Morrison's popular line of candles, oils, and other magickal creations

Ritual Chest: Magickal, Spiritual, Altar, & Ritual Supplies

Hex: Old World Witchery: Magical Merchandise for Curious & Witch Alike

The Mystic Dream: Recently moved to online-only, California-based metaphysical shop; features free Witchcraft articles on the store site as well as the online school, Mystic Dream Academy

Other Favorites

Other websites & communities Building awareness since 1995

The BIPOC Project: Working positively to "undo Native invisibility, anti-Blackness, dismantle white supremacy and advance racial justice"

Vegucated: The best documentary explaining veganism

Marie Forleo: Helping entrepreneurs create lives they love

Daily Tarot Girl: Teaching others about Tarot including reading for yourself and others

DiaryLand: Online blogging & diary community

LiveJournal: Online journal/blog with communities

Discord: App bringing the love of chatrooms back to life; communities on every subject you can imagine

Other stores

Books and Crannies: Independent bookstore in Martinsville, VA "engaging with the community by bringing new ideas and activities to the area to help expand the minds of the citizens through a shared love for literature"

Vienna Imports: Cultural Imports from Around the World, features a blog with posts of relevance to Pagans and Metaphysical practitioners

Vegan Essentials: All confirmed Vegan food items for your Vegan, Vegetarian, or plant-based online grocery shopping needs

Mooncup Menstrual Cup UK:Environment-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. (Great for those who use menstrual blood in magick.)

Internet graphics, web tools, etc. Forum Smilies

Crystal Cloud Graphics: Religious, Spiritual, & Esoteric Graphic Motifs for Websites

Grave Side Graphics: Dolls, Backgrounds, & Animations for websites Share your mood online just about anywhere

Canva: Super easy graphic creator

PDClipart: Public domain, free-to-use clipart database

Evy's Links

Messages in the Moonlight Discord Server: online community space for visitors, fans, & friends of MIM & Evy

Evylyn Rose: Evy's official website (full release TBD)

Hela's Story: Evy's first published novel

Bewitching Momma blog: Evy's campfire to share stories and laughter (discontinued)

Discontinued Updates Blog for MIM (contains posts to help locate pages and outside articles that have been relocated elsewhere)

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