Page Overhaul

Post date: July 19, 2020 1:34 PM

Since the beginning of June, I've gone page by page making updates throughout the site.

Much of the updating was just to return to my older style of writing. You know, like using "they" instead of "he or she", using the term "people" instead of "individuals", and putting the contractions back in! Because I do most certainly realize that it is quite painful when writers like myself shove in so many extra words that are not necessary like this. (Read: "It's painful when writers shove too many words into their sentences.")

And I'm verbose enough without all the prattle...

Much of the past updates to the language used here came from reflecting the grammatical requirements of my college education. I completely failed to realize how terribly boring the presentation of the information became as a result. I hope it's all better now! Though, I'm stumbling on more every time I look. So feel free to reach out if you're struggling with the way something's worded here. I'll do my best to fix it.

In addition to the style of writing, I've also tried to catch places where my past ignorance was showing. Like mistakenly using the term "smudging" to refer to smoke cleansing or failing to discuss the origins of the three-fold law. Because this site has a very narrow focus that's very much Wicca-influenced-specific, it's not going to be all-inclusive of every possible perspective on every topic. But I can darn well maintain a standard of accuracy as I come to learn better myself!

Quite a few pages saw more massive edits and elaborations in June. Some of them include the Elements page and very nearly every page in the Magick and Spells section. I managed to squeeze in a few new book reviews while also providing a much needed and long overdue update to the main book review page (sorry, Silver).

There's also a handful of new additions to the site. Some are little things like extra (or clarified) terms or chants. Thank you so much to those of you who provided feedback or submissions over the past couple years! I'm so sorry it took me this long to get around to addressing some of your messages. Thankfully, I'm getting caught up now!

As for the bigger additions, there's now a fancy free PDF version of the Wicca Study Checklist. I've wanted to add that for years. So I made it a priority this time. (And a gratitude shout out to my first visitor who was willing to request permission for it when I had failed to set up the public settings properly: Thank you! Now everyone has hassle-free access. ^_^) I added in a previously-published-elsewhere page with additional tips for beginners as well as a new FAQ page on cleansing magick, because--somewhere along the way--this topic as a stand-alone is sorely overlooked.

Since I'm so verbose, I've been doing a whole lot of bolding text on most pages. The bolded text are the major take-aways of the information on each page. This should help you out on scanning pages when you're in a hurry. (I know I certainly appreciate when I can quickly check the webpage I'm on is the information I'm actually looking for!) I've also added table of contents to each of the longer pages to help you get to the information you need quicker. And I'll keep looking into other ways to improve things to help you get more out of your visits here. :)

Up Next:

  • collaborating with Gabe to get some children's books added to the reviews

  • updating and expanding on the Sabbats sub-section

  • adding some much needed visuals (pictures, embedded videos, etc.)

  • incorporating more from any feedback received (so ask, suggest, and submit away!)

Light & Love, Evy