Our Team

Evylyn Rose - Webmistress Pronouns: She/Her, not offended by They, and definitely prefers "sir" over "ma'am" any day. Basically, unattached so use what you like.

Evy began her research into and practice of Wicca in the summer of 2000.

As she learned, she built webpages and online communities to share the knowledge as she obtained it. MIM was born in 2003 and has grown and matured alongside Evylyn.

Although she still associates with Wicca, she considers herself "a Witch with heavy Wiccan influence." ("Wiccan-flavored Witch" is another favorite way of putting it!)

Evylyn grew up in Delaware and Maryland. During her time in the US Army as a Combat Medic, she briefly lived in South Carolina and Texas before being stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. After a medical discharge, she moved to Colorado where she was active in the local Pagan community for several years.

She currently resides back in the east coast with her son, Gabriel. After nearly 6 long, grueling years totally out of place in southwest Virginia, Evy is happy to report her return to Delaware in 2021!

Evylyn holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and is currently pursuing a Masters of Art in Teaching.

She became a self-published author in 2012, and continues her writing in the form of novels, books, poems, blog posts, and the occasional dabbling in songs.

In addition to maintaining and improving MIM, Evy works hard every day doing her part to educate children in the hopes of building a better future and parenting her son as best she can (despite his protests).

She is also working behind the scenes on setting up and establishing a new service-based business along with additional free content which aren't specific to Wicca and Witchcraft. To learn more and stay-up-to-date with Evylyn's non-MIM goings-on, check out her separate website and email newsletter which will predominately focus on Tarot, psychic development, and empowerment.

Gabriel - Witch-in-Training Current pronoun usage: He/Him

Born at the tail-end of Scorpio in 2014, Gabe was off to a super fast start. As early as in the womb, he proved himself to be an independent thinker, sensitive psychically, and eager to experience and learn about all this world has to offer.

Although a bit preoccupied with figuring out the rules of the world (which rarely matches his wants), his primary school education, and generally being a high-spirited, energized young child, Gabriel is a vital part of the MIM community.

He inspires Momma Evy to craft new ways of explaining the world and our place in it so he can learn and understand, subsequently helping her brainstorm ideas for the site and community. Gabe also provides unending motivation to keep Evy moving forward.

While his accomplishments to date seemingly have all been done before, he's proving to be on the accelerated program with every intent to catch up quick and in a hurry. Keep an eye out for this one; Gabe is a rising Witch star in the making!