Children and Parenting Book Reviews

The following reviews are books for children or on parenting of interest to Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans. Books are listed alphabetically by author's last name. (This page will expand over the next few years as Gabe grows and Momma Evy tries to keep up.)

The Well of Understanding

Johonet Halsted Carpenter

This is a modern day fable. This book has been criticized by the adult community for being childish nonsense. The thing about fables, is that they're great for children. They're stories for children. However, a fable differs from a mere child's story in that it has underlying themes.

This fable's underlying themes deal with spirituality. I quite enjoyed this fable because as I read it I could see the different clusters that people in the "New Age" community seem to get stuck in.

Sometimes we may go through all the work of being in touch with our spirituality in whatever means we find appropriate. However, we sometimes also take it just a bit too far, losing touch with things that may be more pressing at the moment.

Carpenter has also gone through and added several quotes from various religions that relate to some of the symbolism and ideas behind "The Well of Understanding."

ABC Book of Shadows

Katie Lydon Olivares

A cute and awesome board book for young children. Presents the alphabet with Pagan-friendly terms, such as altar, Midsummer, and Vision. Beautifully illustrated by April Choi, little ones love it. My only pet peeve is the use of elemental and directional correspondences as they vary so much between traditions, I could see some confusion when teaching our children our personal uses. That aside, I highly recommend this one!

Spiritual Pregnancy

Shawn A. Tassone, MD & Kathryn M. Landherr, MD

This book came out with perfect timing for me as I was carrying my first child. The information and ideas were incredibly helpful and a nice relief from the purely medical books on pregnancy that fill bookshelves in most stores.

Tassone and Landherr are both ob-gyns and provide both the medical and health information with a focus on the spiritual aspects of pregnancy and motherhood. Journaling cues and exercises are perfect for helping you to transition into a new phase and/or welcoming a new little one into your life.

Even the information geared toward bonding deeper with your significant other (or if matters are more complicated, I suggest modifying these toward someone you feel close and incredibly important to you during this time in your life) proved vital, helping to open channels of communication and expressing real feelings.

Spiritual Pregnancy covers all three trimesters, birth (natural and surgical), and transitioning after birth. I appreciated the new ideas, focus on the spiritual, and guidance this book has to offer.

I was very happy they explained cesarean sections as a sort of shamanic rite as this perspective kept me calm when my birth plans went right out the window and resulted in surgery.

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