Quick Update

Post date: August 8, 2022 11:05 AM

Before another super busy school year begins, I wanted to take a brief moment to check-in.

MIM updates are still on pause. If time allows, I will be adding/updating book reviews. I've been brainstorming and making plans for some new content and updates for me to work on next summer. In the meantime, you're always welcome to send potential submissions my way.

MIM will have a new domain host relatively soon which should allow an easier (and less expensive) option for bringing back the old email address. This will help quite a bit with improving communications that stalled after the changes from the old domain host last fall. As always, you're more than welcome to use the Contact Us form and/or join us in the Discord server.

Speaking of the Discord, I'm looking to arrange an online get-together to chat live before the school year begins. Please stay tuned to the MIM Discord for more details!

Light & Love, Evy