Update on Vegetarianism in Wicca

Post date: Feb 17, 2018 4:52:40 PM

I've been doing some house-cleaning today. Just little things mostly, like catching a typo, fixing the layout, or removing a dead link. Along the way, I decided to update my Rambling on Vegetarian Wiccans. When I first wrote it, I was still very much non-confrontational and trying to prove that not all Vegans are militant-Vegan-types.

But the truth is, the more you dig and look into the lies and corruption of the animal product industries at large and direct ties between meat consumption in particular with horrible diseases (most of which are incorrectly attributed to sugar and other less-than-super-healthy foods and beverages and genetics), it's really hard to argue that being vegetarian (and vegan, really) should not be synonymous with Wicca and closely-related paths.

If we accept that Wicca is a faith with values based on the premise of harming none, then a vegetarian/vegan requirement is implicitly implied, albeit not explicitly mandated.

The update reflects this thinking, but should not be considered as an attack on anyone's personal views or circumstances. Nothing in this world is a cookie-cutter (except a cookie-cutter, of course!). As the page says, they're my ramblings, my thoughts, only. No one entry is all-inclusive of every possibility.

I'll likely do some more housekeeping over the next few weeks!