Magickal Practice

This section includes information geared toward the various aspects of practice involved in Wicca and Witchcraft. These areas help one with improving their understanding and use of magick as well as provide a stable foundation for spiritual practice. Information includes areas of divination, correspondences, energy centers, etc.

Brief explanation of meditation and some example meditations to get you started.

Information on pendulum scrying, more commonly known as dowsing.

Information on types of scrying and a basic how-to.

List of the Elder Futhark runes and brief meanings.

A list of the magickal properties of herbs. Note: This list is NOT for medicinal use.

Listing of shapes and symbols and their specialized use in magick.

A list of various crystals and stones for magick and their uses.

Explanation of what auras are, why they are important, and what relevance they have in Wicca and Witchcraft.

Information about the energy centers of the body, why they are important, and a brief intro to their associations.