Magick and Spells

Here, you will find information on magick. As this section grows, it will provide answers to what magick is, how it works, the difference between magick and simple prayer, and various types and examples of magick.

This pyramid-styled understanding of magick was designed to assist Witches and other magickal practitioners to understand the central aspects to creating effective magick.

Anyone who has practiced magick, is energetically sensitive, or psyhic knows the high importance of protection. This article provides some details and suggestions in this area.

Short article explaining the primary reasons tools are used in magick and discussing their necessity.

Article explaining the advantages of regular, non-store-bought stones for their use in magick.

Article detailing how candles can be used in magick.

Learn about how instruments and music can be used for magickal purposes.

Different methods of cleansing and uplifting the space within your home to clear out the negative and bring in blessings.

Examples for use in magick or to help cast a simple spell on the go.

Some examples of different spells and rituals to get an idea of what they are and how they may work or for inspiration in creating your own.