Tips for Beginners

This section contains advice, tips, and suggestions for those new to Wicca and other Witchcraft, Pagan, or magickal paths. These include areas to research, how to talk to others about your beliefs, and tips for getting started on your new path.

A list of categories requiring study by Wiccans and Witches with suggested topics within each. *Now contains a printable PDF version*

Advice for Beginners arose from common themes found within emails and letters after a decade of answering the same questions and offering the same advice.

A few short pieces of advice to Wiccans when out in public, in circles, or among each other for appropriate and respectful behaviors.

This article takes a more in-depth look into reasonable ethics and etiquette to adhere to in the Pagan community.

A list of several tidbits of information thought to be essential but often overlooked by beginning and solitary Witches.

Isaac Bonewits' popular system to help identify healthy and unhealthy groups and covens. Humans are social creatures and there are, unfortunately, people out there who take advantage of that. This page includes a list of links to additional articles on the subject of identifying red flags to help keep you safe as you seek interactions with like-minded folk.

Coming out can be difficult for many. This page contains advice for those who are ready to tell others or become public about their beliefs in Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft. Can easily be adapted for other "secrets" you may have and are ready to reveal.